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Product Innovation through a Recession

14 April 2020
Venue: https://zoom.us/j/592763657
Location: United States of America

Whatever products you were selling in to the recession are not the products that will see you through the recession, You have to innovate, we need new products to attract the customers, new pricing strategy ones and you need to bundle the core product. 

Product innovation through a recession creates growth.

Are your ready to innovate your products and pricing for the next phase of growth?

Russ Rosenzweig: Lessons from the Edge - ZOOM MEETING!

14 April 2020
Venue: ZOOM MEETING - https://zoom.us/j/26770268
Location: United States of America

Going Virtual with Russ!
Please join former EO Global Learning Chair/Former EO Chicago President 
Russ Rosenzweig for a "Forum Confidential: Lessons from the Edge" Workshop.

How will we be doing business in the new era?

16 April 2020
Venue: https://zoom.us/j/329001851
Location: United States of America

The 20th Century business thinking was focused around making profit, it was creating a singular product mindset not worrying about the impact the product was having on the client or the planet.

21st-century thinking is a more balanced approach to society, purpose beyond profit and legacy beyond fame. People will drive an integrated approach not only to the whole of the business model but how they connect with other people and businesses to create the change

Industry shifts: Every sector is up for change

21 April 2020
Venue: https://zoom.us/j/232600101
Location: United States of America

There is more market share gained than lost at the bottom of the economic cycle (ie the recession) than there is at the top of the economic cycle when we are in a boom.

There is more new brands, more innovation to come out in a recession and this is the time to understand how to capture growth and own your market.

Can you be a leader of your industry through these times?

Trend Lines: online/off - 21st Century mindset

23 April 2020
Venue: https://zoom.us/j/102915254
Location: United States of America

This session will focus on the three top trend lines of today

Driving off Societal trends, economic trends and consumer trends and how to overlay for you and your business

  • The move away from B2B and B2C to B2P 
  • How to move the business from sales led to Brand led 
  • Connectivity of people brands and business brand combined 

How will you overlay the trends in society to move yourself and your business in to a future gap? It is now the time to adopt a 21st century mindset.

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