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Vice President, Asia Pacific and South Asia

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization is looking for a business professional to join our team in the US region as a Junior Staff Accountant. The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) – for entrepreneurs only – is a global community that enriches members’ lives through direct peer-to-peer learning, connections to experts and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. EO is the catalyst that enables entrepreneurs to learn from each other, leading to greater business success and an enriched personal life.

We’re looking for someone to lead the growing number of staff in Asia Pacific region (APAC) and South Asia (SA) serving two of EO’s largest growth markets. Currently EO APAC has 23 chapters and growing and EO SA has 14 chapters with 3 possible new ones for this fiscal year. Both regions have several initiatives to expand awareness, increase their community and engage with fellow members, partners and supporters via EO’s products and services. The VP will have experience with member-driven organizations and managing staff in remote locations to execute current programs, create new initiatives, stabilize operations, build internal communication channels and motivate the regional staff to perform to their best abilities.

At EO, the staff takes pride in our work, and it shows in everything we do. To reflect our unique culture, we embrace and embody five essential core principles:

  • Teamwork: working together to achieve excellence
  • Trust & respect: displaying and rewarding integrity
  • Creativity: the possibilities are endless
  • Professionalism: lead, learn and live by example
  • Fun: lighten up, live it up, laugh it up!
  • Service: Providing a world class experiences

We’re looking for someone to lead the assist the region growing number of chapters in and to support the regions initiatives.  The primary goal of the Regional Coordinator is to provide administrative support to the Staff Directors of the LAC and support global membership.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

The VP, APAC and SA will be guided by the bylaws and policies as established by EO’s Board of Directors.  When we think of the responsibilities of one of EO’s most senior staff leaders, here’s what we envision this person to be:

APAC and SA Team Leader
  • Lead the APAC and SA teams responsible for managing the programs and services focused on EO’s vision, mission and values. 
  • Build an internal communication structure for reporting and sharing content amongst a team where all members work out of home offices in different countries.
  • Coach and mentor staff; develop high-performance APAC and SA teams.
  • Set the tone for the staff to deliver a world-class member experience.  Analyze how APAC and SA staff serve EO members and provide solutions in any areas where service is less than optimal.
  • Mentor talent, by inspiring your staff to want to develop themselves as a person both in their personal and professional goals. 
  • Excel at building extraordinary relationships- we want mutually beneficial relationships with members, leaders, partners, staff and anyone else interested in the EO community.
  • Update and drive APAC and SA plans to attain regional, area and chapter goals.
  • Advise the EO Executive Team on strategy and vision best for APAC and SA; develop and fine-tune the strategy year after year.
  • Offer advice to staff that present strategic ideas to improve upon current practices.
  • Analyze membership data: recruitment, integration, retention, renewal and attrition. Collaborate with senior members of the business development team to provide best strategy in all five functional areas.
  • Strategically engage with both APAC and SA’s Regional Councils and participates actively on one other global committee.  Work together with the members leaders to meet their yearly goals.
  • Engage with the Presidents of EO APAC’s 23+ chapters and EO SA’s 14+ chapters.
  • Drive member participation to global events.
Operations Management
  • Ensure the right staff is in place to facilitate APAC and SA committees, task forces and councils.  Set our staff and member volunteer leaders up for success. 
  • Create with member leaders the APAC’s and SA’s budget- review expenditures and suggest ways to utilize funds.
  • Understand the intricacies of Human Resources and have experience in dealing with matters related to staff’s compensation, training and development.
  • Draft and review organizational contracts, agreements, and commitments with outside contractors, vendors and suppliers.
  • Lead the APAC and SA world class member experience- when members engage with APAC and SA staff, ensure requests and communications are handled appropriately and timely.
  • Be prepared for growth and the probable new responsibilities that come with growth that the EO Executive Team may delegate to you.
Activity Builder
  • Encourage ideas to provide member value in APAC and SA.  Develop ideas into concrete plans, actions and measurable outcomes. Communicate ideas through various channels to develop into new approved member programs.  You will have overall responsibility for the development and execution of APAC and SA programs.  Monitor the staff’s involvement and member engagement in these programs so that they are effectively administrated and controlled.
  • Contribute to the growth and renewal rate in APAC and SA by focusing on the recruitment, integration, retention and renewal processes. Analyze APAC and SA attrition data and provide solutions.
  • Support the global strategy plan for chapter launches and pursue success in APAC and SA.
  • Offer APAC and SA viewpoints to the Strategic Engagement Committee and advise what APAC and SA partnerships to pursue.
  • Widen the influence of recently created global programs in APAC and SA.  Some include a focus on student entrepreneurs, spouses and entrepreneurs who have not qualified for membership yet.
  • Provide programming ideas to our learning department crafting educational sessions.
  • Offer guidance on possible partnerships for EO to pursue.
  • Create communication channels to share internal information and ensure staff absorbs information.
  • Lead APAC and SA communication strategy and manage communication initiatives.
  • Have an interest to speak publicly and give presentations in APAC and SA regions.  Possible external presentations could be at chapter strategy summits, local entrepreneur conferences and partner (strategic alliances) engagements.
  • Update the Executive Team on the conditions and operations of EO APAC and SA and all factors influencing the operations.
  • Share with APAC and SA staff the latest from the Board/Executive Team and how we’re doing achieving our global metrics.
Global Integrator
  • Engage respectfully with all chapters in region and travel to interact with members.
  • Ensure alignment of APAC and SA’s action plans with global plans.
  • Advise on global thinking with local strategy in our key growth markets.  We currently have growth initiatives in China and South Pacific.
  • Inspire staff living all over the world in home-offices to reach their peak performances
  • Collaborate with headquarters and ensure the staff knows your role and how to work with you.
  • Balance the needs of APAC and SA staff.  You know where there are similarities, differences and concerns with differing points of view from employees based regionally and employees at HQ.

Education and/or Experience: 


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 8+ years of experience at senior/executive level in association management or related business experience. 
  • In-depth comprehensive understanding of association management- interworking, committees, councils and other volunteer groups.
  • 5+ years managing staff, especially remote staff and implementing personnel procedures
  • Track record in dealing with complex issues and guiding teams towards solutions
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills
  • Well-developed analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to interact with entrepreneurs with tact diplomacy and poise
  • Ability to travel globally
  • Exercises confidentiality and discretion


  • Has lived and worked in a different culture or has substantial experience working with regional teams
  • Bilingual or multilingual
  • Has experience in either marketing / sales / business development / external relations
  • Familiar and/or interested in technology and how next generational tools can be used to reach organization goals


  • Self-starter
  • Detail-oriented
  • Inspiring
  • Confidant
  • Service-oriented
  • Thinks out of the box/ encourages new ideas
  • Listener

Nothing contained in this job description, or conveyed during any interview which may be granted or during any period of employment (if hired) with Entrepreneurs’ Organization, is intended to create an employment contract with any employee or prospective employee of the Firm for any specified period of time.  Work rules and benefits in effect are subject to change from time to time, according to the needs of the organization.  Any and all employment with Entrepreneurs’ Organization is “at will,” that is, for no definite or determinable period and subject to termination at any time, with or without cause and with or without prior notice, at the option of either the employee or the organization.

Entrepreneurs’ Organization is an equal opportunity employer​

Conditions of EO Membership Application and Renewal:
Every member who applies or renews their membership agrees to comply with the Policies and Procedures, Bylaws and Code of Conduct of Entrepreneurs' Organization. Current members must complete the online renewal form acknowledging review of the organization's Policies and Procedures, Bylaws and Code of Conduct.

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