North Shore Energy

Headquartered in Northeast Ohio, NSE brings over 150 years of energy expertise in helping clients maximize their energy budgets in the commercial and industrial marketplace. We are a dedicated team of Energy Advisors with over 1,000 commercial and industrial clients.



·      Electric Procurement

·      Natural Gas Procurement

·      Demand Response

·      Energy Efficient Audits

·      Bill Auditing


When you work with NSE, we’ll let you know when and where market opportunities exist to purchase your electric and natural gas. We will seek bids from all eligible suppliers, and present to you with a simplified apples-to-apples comparison of all offers, ensuring complete price offer transparency. Our objective throughout the process is to provide you the support and expertise you need to secure your contract at the right time, with the best possible prices and terms.


Then, once online, we will analyze your meter data to provide cost saving recommendations regarding your electric usage. In addition, we assist in completing applications for energy efficiency rebates for your projects.

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