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As an SAP, First National Bank (FNB) can offer local decision-making on loans and also offer financial products that are not sourced by third parties, but owned by FNB.

Bottom line - if you have an issue or question you can call a local banker directly and not go through 20 minutes of awkward hold music or automated prompts that don’t understand you.

Here is a short message from George Searle, Senior Vice President w/ FNB:

FNB is proud to be associated with EO. During the process of learning about EO and EO leaders learning about FNB, it was apparent both organizations have the same roots. 


What I learned what EO stands for…

  1. EO is all about helping others get better by forming a trust between members and using this trust to, coach, share, inspire, and create activities that will render success.
  2. Success can be defined as increasing “Wealth” but more important developing people.  

That’s what we at FNB want to become to our clients, we want to earn the title of Trusted Advisor.  

  1. FNB used to be Yadkin Bank, March of 2017 FNB acquired Yadkin 
  2. FNB still believes in Local authority, Local decisioning , meaning we can decision loans up to $10 million in Charlotte and $15 million in Raleigh. It means we have authority to make things work. We can do larger loans as well.
  3. Some banks have to seek Third party partners to offer products to their customer base. For example Wealth, Treasury Management Service, FX, etc. sometimes are offered by banks but in realty belong to another company. At FNB we have all of these products and services in house, they belong to FNB. So pricing is controlled by FNB, however more importantly, Customer Service as well.  If you have a problem you call your local banker. 

What is Success…

  1. We listen first, Understand your business then talk how we can help each other.
  2. Provide education to EO members around different topics.

For Example…

  • Market outlook, what will rates do this year, this quarter
  • What are banks looking for when approving credit
  • How to mitigate Fraud risk in your business
  • What happens if my business partner "checks out"?
  • What type of loan is appropriate for my business needs?
  • What are lenders looking for in a borrower?
  • How does my bank balance sheet effect the lenders decision to lend my money?
  • SBA Loan vs Conventional Loan, understanding the benefits and myths about both
  • How do I buy equipment and expand if my current financial performance doesn't support the loan?
  • If I want to sell my company, what can I expect from the buyers' lender?

I have asked Bev to spread our forum relationships across three of our top regional bankers:

Stuart Stout - Business Banker/VP

[email protected],  704-225-2958

· Juggernutz

·       Entourage

·       Paracle

·       U-Turn

·       BHAG

·       Elevate

·       Focus

·       Phoenix

Richard Pappas - Business Banker/VP

[email protected],  704-768-1609

·       Fantastic For-um

·       Flagship

·       H.A.M.

·       Penicillin

.    BHAG

.   Elevate

.   Focus

.   Phoenix

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