Charlotte Entrepreneurs’ Organization Says Small Business Vitality is Enhanced with Support from Larger, More Established Firms

Charlotte Entrepreneurs’ Organization Says Small Business Vitality is Enhanced with Support from Larger, More Established Firms

CHARLOTTE – According to the recently released ADP National Employment Report, compiled by Automatic Data Processing Inc. and Macroeconomic Advisers LLC, small businesses accounted for almost 52% of jobs added in the private sector in January 2011. And according to the annual nationwide Small Business Vitality survey, Charlotte is considered one of the metropolitan areas that is most conducive to the creation and development of small businesses. With nearly 45,000 small businesses in Charlotte, the pump is primed for job growth in this area.

Small businesses need support from successful individuals with experience growing businesses to continue creating jobs. Likewise, the nonprofit organizations that bring these people together for networking and educational purposes need support from larger firms. That support typically comes in the form of sponsorships.

The Charlotte Chapter of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO Charlotte) serves entrepreneurs with companies that exceed $1 Million in revenue who have a passionate desire to grow their businesses, to learn from their peers, and to share their experiences with others. In order to serve those entrepreneurs, EO Charlotte must rely on the financial support of its sponsors, like Parker Poe, The Trust Company of the South and Cherry Bekaert & Holland Certified Public Accountants.

Business law firm Parker Poe has supported EO Charlotte since 2007, despite economic conditions that had some sponsors reducing or eliminating their commitments to other organizations. James Greene, III Partner and head of Parker Poe's Tax Practice explained why his firm continues to support EO Charlotte.

"EO Charlotte takes its responsibility seriously to educate and prepare its members for success.  At Parker Poe, we enjoy being part of this growth and being a supportive part of this invaluable network," says Greene. "I think in a few years, we will see some of these companies in leadership roles throughout our community and it will be good to know we helped to shape that future."

The Trust Company of the South is a privately held North Carolina trust company that provides comprehensive wealth management services and has been an EO Charlotte sponsor for two years.  Jay Daniel Eich, CPA, CFP of the Trust Company of the South says, “ Our clients have a preference for a firm who will serve them in a fiduciary capacity, a desire to delegate their financial affairs, someone who will help them preserve, grow, and transfer their wealth, and a preference for a firm who adheres to transparent, asset-based fees.  We feel the members of EO possess these traits.”

Cherry Bekaert & Holland joined the EO Charlotte family of sponsors in 2009. "We recognize the value that high-growth entrepreneurs bring to our business community," says Blake Narr, marketing manager for Cherry Bekaert & Holland. "These business owners are actively engaged in their personal and business strategies focused on growth and learning.  Not only are they ideal businesses to work with, they are great people to be associated with."

Narr, Greene and Eich agree that sponsoring EO Charlotte has delivered valuable connections with members of the organization as well as referrals to other successful entrepreneurs in the Charlotte area.

"We have had the opportunity to connect with several of these entrepreneurs and develop on-going working relationships with these businesses and see the benefits of our participation," says Greene.

Eich adds, "Our firm has had the ability to interact with numerous members of EO Charlotte.  In addition to discussing their own financial situations they have been instrumental in providing us with additional contacts in the Charlotte area."

Narr sees similar benefits to his firm's sponsorship. "EO Charlotte has introduced our firm to its members and their personal networks.  Our sponsorship has allowed us to continue building personal relationships and strengthen our name recognition in the Charlotte marketplace."

EO Charlotte is part of a global community of more than 7,500 entrepreneurs worldwide, all of whom run companies that exceed $1 Million in revenue. Visit for more information.

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