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Are you poised to hit your top and bottom line goals with the team you currently have in place?​In this interactive presentation, Tra Griffin will provide practical feedback and rigorous analytics connecting people to performance. Topics covered include:

● What vs Who
● Engagement
● Strengths vs Weaknesses ● Leadership

Simple prework, including a 7-minute survey by you and your team, gives Tra data to provide you take away value.

Here’s my challenge to you:

● How are you leading and directing your “A” Players?
● Are you leading your team the way you want to be led? ● Are you trying to motivate each person the same way? ● Is your team engaged? How do you know?
● Is each person operating in their strengths?

About Tra:

Tra Griffin is a Marine Corps Vet, Culture Index Advisor, and professional speaker.. His expertise focuses on impacting top and bottom line results by helping CEOs and leaders get out of their own way and put the right team around them to scale. As an experienced leader, Tra uses a problem solving approach that focuses on application rather than theory.

Prior to Culture Index, Tra spent 5 years in the Marine leading teams in Iraq. In the corporate world, Tra was V.P. of Operations for Iron Tribe Fitness, a local franchise based in Birmingham, AL.

Unique Proposition to Group​: The information in the engagement gives CEOs/Leaders the ability to take current inventory of themselves as leaders, who is in the right seat, who might be struggling with the current workload, and why.

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