Upcoming Events

My EO Intense Nature Experience-Chipitín & Matacanes

5-7 June 2018
Venue: Restaurant Las Palomas
Location: México

Chipitin & Matacanes

Encouraging Workplaces of Humanity & Prosperity

22 August 2018
Venue: Baltimore
Location: Maryland, United States of America

Explore with Tony the purpose of your business, the personal values it expresses, and the impact you have on your employees, clients, vendors as well as your families and the families of your employees.

Learn how to focus your energy and attention on the most impactful results and move toward your designed future with meaningful conversations.

See what it takes to develop your executive staff into a scalable, self-improving team that supports your business and your life.

Bring back the joy and motivation that brought you into business while attracting the people and resources that will expand your enterprise.

Annual Crab Feast - not just crab!

8 September 2018
Venue: Home of Alan and Kelly Klug
Location: Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America

Join EO Members and their families to imbibe, eat crab (and lots of other food!) play yard games, and catch up on happenings.
*POPULAR EVENT* Register early.

EO DC Truth About Your Future with Ric Edelman

24 October 2018
Venue: tbd
Location: United States of America

Come hear Ric Edelman provide targeted financial advice strictly for entrepreneurs. 

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