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21 July 2021
Location: Bahrain

Lynda M. Applegate

Baker Foundation Professor, Sarofim-Rock Professor of Business Administration, Emerita

Lynda M. Applegateis the Baker Foundation Professor at HBS and also serves as the Chair of the Advisory Committee for Harvard University’s Masters’ of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies degrees in finance and management. Lynda also continues to play a leading role in developing the HBS Executive Education Programs for entrepreneurs and business owners. In addition to serving as the head of the Entrepreneurial Management Unit, Lynda has held a variety of leadership positions at HBS, including serving as the Co-Chair of the MBA program, Chair of Field Based Learning and as a founding member of the HBS Technology Board. She has also held a number of Harvard University leadership positions, including serving as the Co-Chair of the Harvard Policy Group on Networked Government Services and on the Harvard University Provost’s Technology Advisory Board. Prior to joining the HBS faculty, Lynda was on the faculty of the University of Michigan, University of Washington and University of Arizona. In addition to her academic positions, Lynda also held a variety of leadership positions in the health care industry.


18 August 2021
Venue: Bahrain National Theatre
Location: Bahrain

Fabrice Bellard is a computer programmer who created the FFmpeg and QEMUsoftware projects. He has also developed a number of other programs, including the Tiny C Compiler.

Life and career

Bellard was born in 1972 in Grenoble, France and went to school in Lycée Joffre (Montpellier), where, at age 17, he created the executable compressor LZEXE.  After studying at École Polytechnique, he went on to specialize at Télécom Paris in 1996.

JON BURGESS "Who Matters Everyone Matters"

15 September 2021
Venue: TBC
Location: Bahrain

Jon is an international leader in advocacy and relationship management. His passion to help organisations gain and maintain their competitive advantage through a deeper approach to relationship management led to the launch of Kwan. He is renowned for his development of the innovative The Three Minds™ philosophy.

Jon works with leaders and organisations, helping them develop a greater understanding of how to connect and collaborate and remain relevant and top of mind. Prior to this, Jon had a successful career for more than 20 years in communications and sports management. Born in Bermuda, and raised and educated in East London, Israel, Africa and Australia, Jon enjoyed a brief professional football career with English Premier League club, West Ham, in their youth division, before moving back to Australia. His own journey is testament to the power of his core belief that everyone matters.

During his many years of experience, Jon has worked with many large multinational organisations and well known business schools including Deloitte and Harvard Business School, making him a world thought leader in people networks and advocacy.

As an event partner, Jon has kindly agreed to share his network with us to provide a panel for the evening, where we will hear about the careers and journeys of some successful and inspirational professionals.

For more information about Jon Burgess or Kwan, please visit: www.kwan.com.au

DAN QUIGGLE "Lead Like Reagan"

15 September 2021
Venue: TBC
Location: Bahrain

Dan launched his career in the post-Presidential office of Ronald Reagan where he had a front row seat to history and learned leadership from one of history's greatest leaders. Politics aside, President Reagan was one of the most gifted leaders the world has seen in a generation.

Lead Like Reagan is a poignant collection of stories from Dan's life as a leader, stories from prominent and influential business leaders Dan has learned from and coached throughout his leadership tenure, and inspirational leadership lessons Dan learned directly from President Reagan himself.

In the pages of Lead Like Reagan,you'll get insight into Dan's personal leadership philosophy, learn key traits to be an effective leader, and build a unique leadership strategy you can replicate in your business, your profession, your industry, and on your leadership journey.

Maher Kaddoura “ I went to the future and I came back”

30 September 2021
Venue: TBC
Location: Bahrain

“ I went to the future and I came back” . He will share with you his take from the below program attended 10 months ago . His aim is to stimulate thinking about leapfrogging a much as we can in everything that we do ..

“ The Executive Program (EP) is a week-long immersive course in Silicon Valley that examines how key converging technologies will shape our future and explores ethical leadership in a world of rapid change. This intensive program is intended for senior leaders in business, government, and nonprofit sectors with the desire to have a positive impact at scale, and who want to create their organization’s future—and the world’s future—not simply react to it.
World-class experts deliver interactive presentations in an immersive classroom setting, paired with insightful discussions and activities that leverage the diverse cohort of thought leaders and innovators we convene for each session. Participants also experience technology first-hand and get a taste of Silicon Valley’s “maker” culture through SU’s iLab and off-campus visits. By convening a class of future-oriented senior influencers from over 30 countries and a broad range of industries, the program fosters insightful dialogues with uncommon partners and builds a supportive community of like-minded peers. 
At the EP, you’ll learn what it means to “think exponentially” and develop the insights and framework you’ll need to design for an abundant future."
About the speaker : 

Maher Kaddoura is a management consultant, a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, social change maker, public speaker and adventurer:

• Entrepreneur& Angel Investor:Upon retirement as Accenture-Middle Eastmanaging partner, he established a number of professional services firms that became regional leaders in their relative sectors (strategy consulting, system integration and training). He invests and serves on
the board of a number of companiesin the following sectors :knowledge economy, food & beverage, electro-mechanical,retail,micro finance and financial services.
• Social Change Maker: Maher established Al-Jude NGO in 1999 and launched a number of social programs focused on road safety, youth leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship. Maher is a visionary who believes in achieving more with less for manyusing his own theory named "The Falafel Theory".
• Board Member:Maher is also active in a number NGO boards including research on aging, youth development, entrepreneurship, micro-ventures, health services standards
• Thought Contributor: Maher is a public speaker and storyteller. He shares his experience and
thinking on social media using Snackable format of videos, digital books, and visual posts. King Abdullah II, Sheikh Mohammad Ben Rashid of Dubai, United Nations and Ernest & Young
recognized him.
• Adventurer & World Traveller: Maher is a street photographer, world traveler who travelled to more than 60 countries and 100 cities. He is an adventurer who trekked to Everest Base Camp, the Arctic, Alaska, the Jungles of Africa and the mountains of South America.
Social Change Maker: He established a number of high impact social programs including:
• Hikmat Road Safety: is a program to address Road Safety and reduce thepercentage of road
death and injuries in Jordan,
• Playground:Built 1200 football playgrounds in public schools with a national neighborhood
football championship involving 500 neighborhoods,
• Sherkitna: a program to plant the seeds of entrepreneurship among Jordanian students which now included 650 school companies,
• Meqdam: a program to plant the seeds of leadership in youth,
• Newthink: programs designed to inspire youth to unleash their potential. It includes a theater, summer outdoor festival, and a learning institute. This initiative was awarded Arab Social Media
influencers Award in 2015.
• “Fikrezyon” On-line TV: the first Arabic online TV focused on spreading hope and curiosity
• Sonbola:is a social innovation incubator focused on young social entrepreneurs

He can be followed on twitter and Instagram on @maherkaddouraand Facebook on www.facebook.com/maher.kaddoura.3. Websitemaherkaddoura.org

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