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Work Club firmly believes in encouraging its members and wider community to step outside their comfort zones. Work Club hosts a disruptive event series each week, in both its Melbourne and Sydney spaces. At these events diverse minds come together to collaborate, create and push both personal and professional boundaries.

"We once separated work and life, because we yearned for the life that work was not. Now people want to bring all of themselves to work so that work can be the fulfilling experience that it always should have been." - Soren Trampedach, Founder, Work Club

Soren's vision is to create the conditions for innovation, disruption, creativity and reflection. It’s true to say that it can't be done in a standard office environment created using philosophies over a century old. Instead, Work Club is the curation of new ways of thinking about the future of work.

New configurations, an intentionally diversified membership base (including artists, executive directors, founders of the latest tech startups, private wealth managers, executive coaches to reference just a few) and frequent experiments with design reflect collaboration with members' desire for innovation and Soren's background in workplace strategy.

Work Club is a leader in the new work culture movement.

  • Members receive access to Florence Guild (subject to availability) for a 3 month period (Aug, Sept, Oct)
  • Members receive 50% off Florence Guild Membership Rates (Subject to application).
  • Members Receive 35% off Work Club Global Membership Rates (subject to application)

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