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EO Sister Chapters

The EO Sister Chapter program is an initiative that connects​ chapters from varying regions for networking, experience sharing and learning. It’s simple. Chapters from different parts of the world pair together with the goal of establishing a rewarding partnership. By exposing members to new ideas, individuals and opportunities, they will think of their membership as a global experience, not just a local one. Want to see what some EO Sister Chapters do? Check out EO South Florida!

Current Partnerships

EO Greece + EO Switzerland-Geneva

Founded: 15 November 2016
Chairs: Demitris Memos and Tolis Cleopas
These two chapters joined together based on several factors including chapter size and tenure. They plan to maximize their close geographical proximity as the relationship matures.

EO Rio de Janeiro + EO Switzerland-Zurich

Founded: 15 November 2016
Chairs: Roberto Kaplan and Pascal Stuerchler
Zurich is proud to launch a new Sister Chapter relationship with their friends in Rio de Janeiro. These two chapters have been discussing this concept for some time and are happy to announce the link has officially been formalized. They are already working on their first joint event around Brazil’s annual Carnaval celebration.

EO New Delhi + EO New York

Founded: 14 November 2016
Chairs: Anant Kanoi and Julie Subotky Papadopoulos
Two of EO’s largest chapters will draw off of the diversity and strength of their combined 350 members to create powerful results on two different sides of the globe. Their plans include best practice sharing, quarterly joint board calls and an upcoming joint chapter retreat.

EO Kuwait + EO Saudi Arabia-Jeddah

Founded: 11 November 2016
Chairs: Ghazi Alhajeri and Wessam Maghrabi
These two chapters will use their close geographic proximity to create exciting opportunities for their members.

EO Bahrain + EO Qatar

Founded: 9 November 2016
Chairs: Nezar Raees and Khalifa Saleh Al Haroon
This partnership is made of two chapters that are similar in size, tenure and geography. They are already building out plans for the future.

EO Kolkata + EO Singapore

Founded: 27 September 2016
Chairs: Saket Agarwal and Violet Lim
These two similarly sized chapters plan to facilitate and support members who want to set up businesses or visit one another’s country. They plan to work together to pursue new sponsors. They are also appointing a go-to person for emergency situations.

EO Beijing Sanlitun + EO Brooklyn

Founded: 6 September 2016
Chairs: Kevin Huo and Jennifer Argie
These two chapters look forward to pooling their talents and resources. Not only are they across the world, but EO Brooklyn, a relatively new chapter, will benefit from tenured EO Beijing.

EO Netherlands + EO South Florida

Founded: 27 July 2016
Two of EO’s largest and most celebrated chapters have come together for what will surely be some of EO’s most exciting learning and social activities.

EO Dalian + EO Tohoku

Founded: 23 July 2016
Two of EO’s newest chapters are excited to work together on multiple platforms and make the most of their close proximity.

EO DC + EO Nepal

Founded: 11 July 2016
Chairs: Marsha Ralls and Ujjwal Shrestha
These two chapters from opposite sides of the globe began discussing the idea of partnering at GLC 2016. Now, they are already planning their first joint event later this year in Nepal. DC hopes to return the favor by serving as host next year.

EO Germany-Hamburg + EO UK-London

Founded: 11 May 2016
Chairs: Dierk Hoelter and Dan Joyce
Hours after signing their agreement, these two European powerhouses met for dinner in GLC. They left with a number of plans including each hosting the other for day-and-a-half learning events featuring speakers and office tours.

EO Dallas + EO Guatemala

Founded: 1 April 2016
This new partnership met up for a special dinner at GLC 2016. They are planning a number of activities for the coming year including competing together in an annual BBQ festival in Guatemala early 2017.

EO Cape Town + EO St. Louis

Founded: 28 January 2016
After signing their agreement from afar, this partnership met in person at GLC 2016 for an evening of fellowship and planning. The two are currently planning their next joint event and are exploring expanding the Accelerator program to Cape Town.

EO China South/EO Hong Kong + EO San Diego

Founded: 21 August 2015
Chairs: William Chu, Carl Gouw and Michael Kripalani
These chapters came together at GLC 2015 and discussed a partnership between their two great cities. The following year, dozens of San Diego members and their families flew to the Hong Kong area for two days of activities including a sail around the harbor in an 18th century ship.


EO São Paulo + EO Silicon Valley

Founded: 4 May 2015
Chairs: Jamie Keating and Felipe Ramos
Sampa and Silicon Valley established their relationship at GLC 2015. They pledged to be a “first call” to one another whenever either were facing a challenge in EO or life. The two are currently planning a joint event in the Valley in late 2016/early 2017.


EO Los Angeles + EO Mexico City

Founded: 3 May 2015
Chairs: Brad Schy and Modesto Gutierrez
These two mega chapters plan to make the most of their geographical proximity and the number of relationships that already connect their members and communities together. They began planning their year ahead over a special lunch at GLC 2015.

EO Austin + EO Perth

Founded: 16 April 2015
Chairs: Tim Hamilton and Jay Walter
Austin and Perth got their start around GLC 2015. Since then, they’ve done a number of activities together including an impressive seven-day event in Australia that was attended by numerous Austin members and their families.


EO Switzerland-Zurich + EO Turkey

Founded: 28 January 2015
Chairs: Marc Stockli and Ayse Bayraktar
Leaders from these two chapters converged at the 2015 EMEA Presidents’ Meeting to form their partnership. Since then they have come together multiple times. In the first half of 2016 they met both at GLC in Bangkok and in Bern for learning activities and a hockey game.


EO Beijing + EO Korea

Founded: 24 October 2014
Chairs: Kevin Huo and Homin Joo
These two chapters signed their official Sister Chapter Agreement live in person at the 2014 Discover China event. They are working on a number ideas and activities including their first joint event.


EO China East + EO Pune

Founded: 25 July 2014
Chairs: Erich Dai and Sudhanshu Bindal
This partnership kicked with off with a Forum from Pune visiting China East for their retreat. The chapters are planning other joint events in the future as well as facilitating member introductions by industries and interests.


EO Hawaii + EO Osaka

Founded: 18 May 2014
Chairs: David Bui and Nobi Fujita
Osaka hosted Hawaii members in Japan last year for a weekend of learning and member-to-member connections. Earlier this year, Hawaii returned the favor by hosting Osaka members and their families. The two chapters held a learning event together and a family golf tournament. The members are planning a new slate of joint events together for the new year.


EO Germany-Berlin + EO Israel + EO San Francisco aka Future Hub

Founded: 11 February 2014
Chairs: Karsten Warrink, Amir Kfir and Remy Wildrick
As epicenters of innovation, three great world communities have joined together. Each city has hosted one or more of the others over the last few years and all three have met up in other locales such as Bangkok. In 2015, EO San Francisco hosted a three-day learning event that culminated with a “Floating Forum” experience under the Golden Gate Bridge.


EO Houston + EO Monterrey

Founded: 27 June 2013
Chairs: Nathan Yap and Patricio Villarreal
EO Houston hosted EO Monterrey members at their 2014 Strategy Summit. In May of 2015, a group of Houston members travelled to Monterrey for a day and a half canyon hike. The chapters are continuing to plan joint activities together​.


EO Arizona + EO Calgary*

Founded: 18 June 2013
Chairs: Robert Clinkenbeard and Paul Constance
Arizona and Calgary are looking into joint event and Forum opportunities. These gatherings will be scheduled to make the most of the pair’s diverse climates and relative proximity. The duo is also linked by Sister Cities International and hopes to maximize civic opportunities through this connection.

EO Boston + EO Ireland

Founded: 2 May 2013
Chairs: Judith Briggs and Piero Tintori
In May 2013, this pair held their first joint event in Dublin as part of EO Boston’s chapter retreat and EO Ireland’s chapter launch. The group enjoyed an exclusive dinner at the Guinness factory and later competed in a round of Gaelic games. The successful event won a Learning Award at GLC 2014. Now, EO Ireland plans to travel to Boston for the annual Nerve regional conference.



* Denotes relationships that mirror city pairings through Sister Cities International.


How do we get involved?
There are two ways to begin. The first is to find the partner chapter of your choice. You can start by giving your favorite chapter a call and asking if they’d like to participate in the program. The second option is to let EO help you find your partner. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll help you find your match.

Who can we partner with?
Sister Chapters are defined as two chapters that come from different countries and preferably from different EO regions.

Our chapter and another chapter have agreed to be partners. Now what?
E-mail us here and let us know. We’ll set up a call to discuss next steps, including signing the official Sister Chapters agreement.

Can we have more than one sister?
This program is designed to partner two chapters together only. After one successful year with a partner, a chapter may consider forming a relationship with an additional partner. A chapter may not have more than two Sister Chapter partners.

What is expected of us?
Each chapter in a pair will need to identify a member who will chair the relationship. This member will be responsible for coordinating all activities and information-sharing with their partner chapter, and for relaying information about the program to their own membership.

Learn about the EO Sister Chapters - Chair position.

How much will it cost?
There are no set costs associated with this program. You and your Sister Chapter can contribute financially to the partnership as you see fit.

Where can I see a list of EO’s chapters?
Chapters page

How long does a partnership last?
Partnerships are indefinite and will only end when both chapter boards agree to.

Is there any relation between this program and Sister Cities International?
Yes, we have a loose working relationship with Sister Cities International—the organization that inspired this program. They are supportive of EO and this initiative. Some EO chapter partnerships mirror existing city relationships within SCI. Both organizations encourage these groups to work together to open new doors in the cultural, business, social and political spaces that our organizations specialize in. Please note that partnerships between EO chapters are not required to align with existing SCI relationships. Search cities connected through SCI.

Interest and Questions about EO Sister Chapters? Please e-mail Ashley Robinson.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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