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PEAK Program Coordinator

Organization Summary:

The Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) is a global peer-to-peer business community of 12,000+ leading entrepreneurs in more than 170 chapters and 53 countries.  These successful entrepreneurs are transforming the world, fueling the global recovery through innovation, job creation and economic development. They do so by seeking new insights with an insatiable thirst for learning, by going boldly and relying on their abilities to make a mark both locally and globally. EO educates, transforms, inspires and offers invaluable resources to these entrepreneurs geared towards personal and professional growth.

Job Summary:

We're looking for someone to support our premiere chapter reward program, who is excited to work with professional teams based around the world, and enjoys creating and analyzing data. The duties of the PEAK Program Coordinator will include compiling and validating of data, performing statistical analysis and providing summary of results. Utilizing this information you will work with the team to synthesize the information and assist with enhancements to our CRM system and external facing PEAK dashboard.  You will work to answer internal inquires pertaining to program requirements and assist with testing of metrics and managing technical inquires in the form of a ticketing system.


Essential Responsibilities:

The PEAK Program Coordinator will be guided by the bylaws and policies as established by EO's Board of Directors and reports directly to the PEAK Program Manager based out of EO's USA headquarters.  The general duties will be:


PEAK Administration

  • ×        Input or review all PEAK program data in the CRM database for accuracy.
  • ×        Verify data represented in the dashboard
  • ×        On occasion attend conference calls in various regions to know the community to understand the needs of the end user interfacing with our online resources
  • ×        Assist PEAK Program Manager on developing/distributing any tools to support PEAK requirements and further member and staff understanding of the program (e.g. presentations, sales tools, dues calculations, etc.)
  • ×        Compilation of daily, weekly and monthly data as required.
  • ×        Quarterly reporting on pass/ fail metrics
  • ×        Ensure compliance with all required standards and audits
  • ×        Collect information from metric owners / staff leads and cross check for verification with the public dashboard and identify discrepancies
  • ×        Generate preliminary mid-year and year-end report by region
  • ×        Support the Director of Global Membership Development and Executive Team with PEAK related needs

Qualifications and Skills

  • ×        SQL Server
  • ×        Microsoft Excel
  • ×        Microsoft office
  • ×        Project Management
  • ×        Data Mining and Data Warehousing

Education and Experience:  


  • ×        Bachelor's degree or minimum 4 years product management
  • ×        Excellent customer service skills
  • ×        Strong written and verbal communications skills
  • ×        Analytical and problem solving skills
  • ×        Ability to interact with entrepreneurs with tact diplomacy and poise
  • ×        Exercises confidentiality and discretion
  • ×        Fluency in English


  • ×        Focused
  • ×        Detail-oriented
  • ×        Organized
  • ×        Team Player
  • ×        Service-oriented
  • ×        Thinks out of the box/ encourages new ideas
  • ×        Listener

Nothing contained in this job description, or conveyed during any interview which may be granted or during any period of employment (if hired) with Entrepreneurs' Organization, is intended to create an employment contract with any employee or prospective employee of the Firm for any specified period of time.  Work rules and benefits in effect are subject to change from time to time, according to the needs of the organization.  Any and all employment with Entrepreneurs' Organization is "at will," that is, for no definite or determinable period and subject to termination at any time, with or without cause and with or without prior notice, at the option of either the employee or the organization.


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