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"For me, the unsung hero of EO is the online directory. I had to become an overnight expert on the Chinese property market and was desperate for help. Through the network, I quickly identified 10 entrepreneurs with property companies in Hong Kong and Shanghai who were able to help me out."

Charlotte Osmond, Fresh Minds 
EO London 

Designed to support the needs of 8,000+ leading entrepreneurs in 40 countries around the world, EOnetwork is a one-stop shop for everything EO. As an entrepreneurship network and global community of business owners, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization offers its members unprecedented access to business- and leadership-growth tools, as well as resources and connections to entrepreneurial peers who shape the global business landscape.

Through EOnetwork, members gain access to EO's global community 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A members-only site, EOnetwork allows you to participate in virtual communities based on your interests, search the online membership EO directory, and access footage of past learning events. In addition, members can create business-to-business networking opportunities, discover tips on how to grow their businesses, read peer-written stories and entrepreneurship articles through global publications, and experience the world’s most elite entrepreneurial network, among other opportunities.

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